Jake's Beef Rub

Jake's Beef Rub

Jake's Grillin'


Maximize the flavor of your steak's deep savory juices with Jake's Grillin' Beef Rub. This dry rub will help tenderize any cut of steak or beef, and produces a tantalizing, mouthwatering taste that is a perfect balance of sweet, salty and savory.

The rich flavor of the coffee ingredient creates a dark, caramelized texture on the surface of the beef, which seals in natural juices and flavors.

As always, Jake's Grillin' products are All Natural and Gluten Free.

Your beef experience will be transformed, and your taste buds will be transfixed. 


Method: Grilling, Roasting, Broiling or Searing.

Foods: Steaks, Roasts, Beef Ribs and Burgers. Vegetables.

Preparation: Rub generously on meat before grilling.

*By adding a small amount of vegetable oil prior to adding

the rub will give more adhesion to the meat.

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