Jake's Grillin' Original Beef Rub

Jake's Grillin' Original Beef Rub

Jake's Grillin'


Jake's Grillin' Original Beef Rub is packed with our special blend of all-natural spices and premium-grade coffee grounds to create a signature flavor that's sure to become your go-to steak rub. The flavors create the perfect balance of sweet and savory while the coffee gives you that perfect dark, caramelized crust on the surface of your steak to seal in the natural juices.

Jake's Grillin Original Beef Rub 

Not only does Jake's Grillin' Original Beef Rub give you some of the most flavor-packed steaks you've ever tasted, our signature dry rub also helps to tenderize any cut of steak for the ultimate at-home steakhouse experience. Simply massage a generous amount of our rub into your choice cut, grill and enjoy!

As always, Jake's Grillin' Beef Rub is naturally gluten-free.


Method: Grilling, Roasting, Broiling or Searing.

Foods: Steaks, Roasts, Beef Ribs and Burgers. Vegetables.

Preparation: Rub generously on meat before grilling.

*By adding a small amount of vegetable oil prior to adding

the rub will give more adhesion to the meat.

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