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JAKE'S GRILLIN' is the premier maker of Coffee Rubs, BBQ Sauces and Marinades. Nothing your grandma couldn't pronounce ... just a perfectly blended mix of pure coffee grounds and special spices. Made specially from well tested formulated recipe in New York. All Jakes Grillin' products are All Natural, Gluten Free, Low in Sodium, and Proudly Made in U.S.A.



JAKE'S GRILLIN' products can be used on all types of meats: beef/steak, chicken/poultry, pork & fish. Also, they're not just for the grill. Use them on a roast in the oven or sauteed vegetables on the stove top.

WHY COFFEE? Using coffee grounds for flavor is nothing new. Cowboys in the West never wasted anything – they would use leftover coffee grounds for meats and vegetables ... not just for flavor, but to caramelize and seal in tasty natural juices. With a robust and hearty texture coffee was a brilliant, simple and practical source of flavor and  Jake's Grillin' was born. Our main ingredient is fine coffee grounds, but we've careful mixed in other spices to create what we believe the perfect compliment to meats and vegetables.We ♥ Coffee Rubs & Sauces.

ORDER TRACKING  Simply send us an email with your ORDER # as the subject, and we will get back to you with the status of your order. Jake's Grillin' is working to implement an order tracking system built into the site so that customers can track orders conveniently.

LARGE ORDERS If you wish to place a large order (a case or more) of Jake's Grillin' products, please email us with LARGE ORDER REQUEST in the subject. If you would like to speak by phone please leave a callback number! For any other inquiries please email us at: WNYFoodProducts@gmail.com