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We want to take a moment to thank our customers and friends for supporting Jake's Grillin.' We're thrilled to offer you our unique Coffee Rubs , Marinades and Sauces that are not only delicious, but all natural, gluten free, low in sodium,  and 100% made in the U.S.A. If you had ordered our product and are satisfied with it let us know, we appreciate the good comments and would love for you to spread the word about Jake's Grillin... Thank you!


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  • Jon

    I’ve been using Jakes Beef Rub for my Steaks for about 6-7 years now. My family loves it, my son won’t even touch a steak without it.
    About fourteen of my friends went to Keens Steakhouse located on 36th St. in Manhattan. Keens is supposed to be one or the best steak restaurants in NYC. To get to the point spent alot of money that night for a steak that I didn’t enjoy. Nothing compares to a steak with Jakes Rub on it. Its a shame I dont see this product more in stores.

  • lynne faught

    I used to be able to buy your poultry rub at Shop Rite in Schenectady,NY Can’t seem to find it there anymore. Where can I buy it in upstate NY, near Albany?

  • Jennifer

    Whole Foods was sampling chicken marinated in Jake’s Grillin Marinade. It was awesome! I bought the marinade and the beef rub. Making fajitas tomorrow night and I know my family will love the flavor in the chicken. Thanks for a great marinade!

  • Rose

    I just made the best ribs of my life with your grilling sauce! Thank you for making a great product!

  • Jim

    Jake’s makes steaks! Rubbed into a good piece of beef which is then grilled over real charcoal at more than 700 degrees results in the absolutely best flavor you’ve ever tasted.

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