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Folks, we are adding some new content to the site right now so don't be alarmed if anything changes. 

What we're adding (in order of priority)

  1. Recipes and the ability to print recipes
  2. Ability to share products and recipes with friends through facebook and twitter.
  3. Order tracking on the site

Stay tuned. Also don't forget about Jake's BBQ Sauce, which will be available to order by next week!

Comments are open here so feel free to add any suggestions of things you want to see on the site,

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  • Mavrick

    A million thanks for psotnig this information.

  • laurie cassetta

    Hi, I love your poultry rub and shoprite in Lodi n.j. was selling it. Then I couldnt find it asked a manager they said they would order more and they did, but the poultry one didnt come only beef and pork PLEASE send more I love this stuff and i got everyone hooked on it but now cant get it in store. Thanks Laurie

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