Straight from the Chuck Wagon


    A historic tradition, cowboys herding their cattle across the west would make up a pot of coffee. Back in those days you wasted nothing, even the coffee grounds. Cowboys found a use for the coffee grounds and a bit of salt to rub their beef steaks. After a hard days work, they sat around eating beef by an open camp fire enjoying a hearty meal. 
     Well we took that idea to another level by adding many more spices to give that steak more of a robust and a better unique flavor profile. That's what launched Jake’s Grillin Coffee Rubs and Sauces. 
      We pride ourselves to take this Coffee based profile and incorporate in all our Rubs and Sauces. This definitely changes the way you eat Beef, Pork, Poultry and even Seafood. We say "Get Your Grillin On" all year round!
Jake's Grillin' products are all natural, gluten free and made in the USA.

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